Local Deals Thru Groupon.com

This is a bit different than anything we have posted so far on The Blonde and The Brunette, but I just recently discovered  it through my sister who uses it all the way in Las Vegas, and many of my friends have begun using it as well!  It’s great for the budget-conscious (who isn’t??)!

You may already know about it but the website is Groupon.com and it really helps me afford so many fun, extra-curricular activities as well as enjoy so many delicious restaurants! How does it work? First, it’s really easy. You sign up (FOR FREE!), type in your zip code, name, email etc.  Each day you will get a new “coupon of the day” emailed to you for discounts on restaurants, aerobics classes and tons of other fun activities in your neighborhood! (wherever that may be).

I have personally bought coupons for wine tasting in Malibu, hiking/ yoga in Griffith Park, Pilates/Yoga classes in Studio City, as well as many others that I LOVE!  It’s been a great experience every time.

And let us know if you sign up for a class in our area…’cause chances are one of us bought that Groupon too!

Time To Have Some Fun!

– Jadan, The BnB “It” Girl