Need To Organize Your Shoe Collection?

Try Magic Drawers shoe storage system.  Like many woman, I have a lot of shoes.  I love them and each pair was carefully selected, as I knew it would be a part of my collection for years to come.  I had always kept the original shoe boxes and simply stacked them in my closet.  The problem was, I couldn’t always remember which was in what box and whenever I pulled a pair out, the stacks above would collapse.  This was especially frustrating if I had pulled the wrong shoe, or simply changed my mind.  Also, I live in a 1-bedroom condominium.  Space is luxury in my home and bulky shoeboxes simply took up too much room.

My mom purchased a couple sets of Magic Drawers for me from and they worked like a charm.  The interlocking boxes slide in and out with ease and the transparent plastic allows me to see inside and pull exactly the pair I am looking for.  This saves me so much time in the morning!  They come in 3 different sizes (small are good for flats, medium for pumps, wedges, etc, and large for boots), so you can even use them for accessories, handbags, sweaters, or anything else that needs organizing.  They are also much more affordable than other closet organization systems, yet the quality is definitely not compromised. This weekend seemed like a good time to take a few hours to get a bit more organized.

– Ashlee, Brunette Contributor