Lose 5lbs Instantly!

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The Blonde and The Brunette’s secret weapon has always been the faux tan. Whether you prefer to get a professional spray tan (and our favorite celebrity-tested spot in the world is still Portofino of Beverly Hills) or a DIY, a tan works wonders! Here are some of our insider DIY tanning tips!

How to Apply Self Tanner:


1.  Exfoliate. Try taking a handful of white sugar into the shower. It dissolves quickly for easy cleanup and won’t leave a residue.


2.  Shave. Hairs will cause an uneven tone.


3. Moisturize. With an oil- free lotion.


4. Tan. With a mit to protect your hands and for a streak free application.


Try this St. Tropez three-piece kit. It has everything you need, including an applicator mitt, for a gorgeous, DIY natural-looking tan. It’s the perfect combination to get that warm weather look. A great value at Sephora. $39.


-Kathryn, The Blonde & NJ, The Brunette

P. S. Remember, nothing is more damaging than the sun! So fake it!