Lusting Over Dylanlex


Drew Ginsburg of Dylanlex, is an underground fashion GENIUS, who has recently been making us, along with the rest of the world swoon over her insanely beautiful creations. Ginsburg started out with “Me And Lex,” a fashion site in which she would post edgy outfit photos. Through her large collection of ripped T’s, lust worthy leather collection, and gobs of custom made vintage jewelry, it’s no surprise she quickly gained notoriety throughout the fashion world.

With so much attention, she jumped straight into the world of retail, and launched her own retail line, which is how “Dylanlex” was born.

Drew has taken the statement necklace to whole new level, taking apart vintage and designer necklaces and reconstructing them into mind blowing, one of a kind pieces. Her six-piece collection launched last month, and the pieces are already selling out. Pick up one of these unbelievable creations and you’re pretty much set for any event.

For your very own, and many are almost sold out, go to

Xx. Jadan Huter