Mad Men Party

Last week, in the midst of  our crazy schedules, we did a Mad Men Party at our house hosting a special group of guests from World President’s Organization.  They were in LA for the big Pacific Rim Conference with speakers from Leslie Moonves to Jessica Alba.  Here’s the catch, we didn’t know a single guest before they came to our home so we decided on a theme that would get everyone interacting: Mad Men.  We did ask guests to dress the part and I went with Megan, Don Draper’s second wife, with this fabulous Zou Bisou Bisou-inspired Ali Ro dress.  Mark channeled a great black and white checked jacket and black knit tie (it probably should have been a bit more narrow, but I loved the look).  Guests arrived via a Mercedes van so we could serve a cocktail menu straight out of the 60’s, including The “Roger Sterling” Sour.   Appetizers included everything from cheese balls, pigs in a blanket to mac and cheese on spoons with ketchup and the main course was also of the era, Chicken Kiev and Beef Wellington.  Who serves that anymore?

Jadan and I plotted together for weeks on details such as a black and white plaid tablecloth, custom menus with each guest’s name at the top for seating, napkin rings with contrasting plaids embellished with safety pins and faux jewels for the women and buttons for the men.  We had a party game, of course, with prizes: Guess the quote by characters from the show.  It was quite a competitive group.  The winner won a vintage martini shaker. ” Since everyone is a winner” (and I am quoting myself), party favors for the ladies included cat eye liner, huge false eyelashes and Vincent Longo Wet Pearl frosted lipsticks in pink (Tonic Rose) and peach (Honey Suckle) for $23 and look as good today as they did then.  Men received cigars with a cigar cutter and pocket squares.

As Betty Draper says, “Only boring people are bored.”


NJ Goldston, The Brunette and Jadan Huter, Brunette Contributor