Make It Monogrammed

I think the leader in all things chic would most definitely be the monogram. Once relegated to only the elite, monogramming has now become a full-fledged street style trend. Without fail, my jaw drops every time I see a Maison Goyard tote sporting a little extra flare, and don’t even get me started on the trunks. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all lusted over those classic Maison Goyard hand-lettered steamer trunk. Both timeless classics that will stay on my wish-list for a lifetime. With all this adoration for a good monogram, it’s about time more of our favorite companies follow suit, and keep that lust alive and accessible.
Monogrammed1Monogrammed2Monogrammed3It seems like the #MonogramMe mania is taking over street style everywhere and doing wonders to revive all our favorite fashion houses, as well as the mainstream market. Monogramming not only makes the buyer feel connected to the brand, but it also allows the buyer to stand out in a very trendy town. For someone like me, who would love anything and everything I own to have a touch of personalization this is great news.

louis-vuitton-personal-monogram-tfu0ibvcFrom trunks to luggage to bags to sweaters, there’s no shortage in the pieces we are able to personalize these days. Don’t forget to get creative, as much as I love the classic initials, why not play around with some three letter words, or create your own acronym for a fun conversation starter.

This is one trend that I can promise wont go out of style, so grab your favorite pieces & make it monogrammed.
Jadan Huter