Men’s Socks

Socks. In the past, socks were just something you put on in order to keep your feet warm.  Recently though, they have become a fashion statement for us women.  In general, socks don’t receive much attention by men as they are not often visible under their pants…that is, until you sit down!  Then, they become one of the most prominent features of a man’s attire!

Mens socks are not only important when it comes to their appearance, but they also need to stand apart when comfort and quality are taken into account.  Mens designer socks are manufactured by a number of leading designer brands like Ted Baker, Stanley Lewis, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Paul Smith, Burlington, Duchamp-London and Pantherella.

An important feature to look for when you are buying socks is a hand-linked toe, as this adds comfort and durability for the wearer.

Other features to look for when selecting socks are color and design.  Today’s leading brands have broken away from the traditional boring black, navy and grey, and have evolved into an explosion of color and design, allowing men to finally express their personality through their choice of socks.  A couple tips I have gotten from gentleman friends of mine are as follows:

  1. Always match you socks with the dominant color of either your pants or shoes.
  2. It is important to remember  to select a color that is apparent elsewhere in your outfit. For example, if your tie contains a shade of blue, select a sock with a bit of blue. This will add balance to your look.
  3. You do not need to match the designs of each accessory and often, mismatched is better.

Whether at work or at play, start letting your feet do the talking and get your hands on some creative men’s designer socks!

Xx, Jadan