Mirrors & MORE


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 It’s not just fashion that has trends. So does the art world.  Earlier this week at Art Basil, the world famed showcase for staged modern and contemporary art, everyone seemed focused on mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all.

Collector’s were suddenly transfixed on mirrored objects for prices ranging from $250,000 to well over a $1.1 MM. Works by Doug Aitken, who was spelling out foam clad words like “MORE”,  in reflective glass in giant letters, and Anish Kapoor’s 6-foot-tall stainless steel bowl, “Parabolic Twist,” equally intrigued viewers (and the press) with its funhouse-mirror shapes.

Other mirrored objects that reportedly sold well included silvery fireplaces and staircases to Alice-In-Wonderland-like looking glass panels smashed into kaleidoscope fragments.

I admit, I am as memorized as all the über collectors and want my own version of  more, more, more. The hunt is on.


NJ, The Brunette