Must Love Mophie

Aside from friends, music, dancing, and more music making my weekend in San Francisco nothing short of perfect, my new Mophie was a top contender in what made it oh so wonderful!  Yes, that might sound insane saying an iPhone juice pack case aided in making my festival experience all the better, but its true!

Most festivals I attend, I just succumb to the depressing fact that 2 hours in and 20 photos later, my phone is going to die. I will probably get lost somewhere along the other 60 thousand people trying to get back into the city, and it will take hours to link up with other friends.

Not this year!  This year, I was smart about it, and went straight to the Verizon store before my long drive up north to get my hands on the widely talked about Mophie!  I’ve heard great things, I’ve heard terrible things, but I must say, throughout the long weekend, I had nothing but great experiences. And most importantly, my phone did not die ONCE!  That’s right, all the photos, videos, and phone calls a fashion blogger could dream of in one simple gadget.

I got black.  It was $108 with tax, comes with a portable charge chord, and actually isn’t as bulky as people made it out to be (and for an extra 8 hours of charge, who cares!) If you’ve been thinking about getting one, here is your sign…DO IT!

Do any of you have a Mophie?  What do you think?

Xx. Jadan Huter