Nail Art for Spring


Since there is so much nail art out there right now, Ashlee and Kate decided to try their hands at creating the next nail art trend.  Kate calls hers “Spring Break ’99”.  This is a combination of 3 different polishes – a teal basecoat (2 coats), a sparkle tip coat (1 coat) and a top coat to make it shine.  The nice thing about this design is that there isn’t an exact cut off for the sparkles so you can paint them anywhere with no particular stopping point.  No steady hand?  No problem with this design!


Ashlee decided to go for a graffiti style on her nails and calls hers, “LA Graffiti.” Her design is a little more complicated.  Ashlee started with various base coat colors which include red, purple, nude, white, grey and pink.  She dotted these in no particular pattern all over her nail beds.  She then topped that off with a shimmery sparkle coat.  After that, her steady artist hands were able to paint perfect black lines on each finger.  If you saw her painting this, you would have thought it would have never looked this awesome.

Feel free to show us what you guys can come up with on our Facebook Page. We’re pretty sure our creative readers have some ideas on how to execute some awesome Spring Nails. For colrors in every shade imaginable, check out the Sephora for OPI collection.

– Ashlee & Kate