Pasta’s the new Pita!


It’s true! As crazy as it sounds, the new chip brand, Vintage Italia (the sister brand to the ever-so-yummy Brownie Brittle,) have created a new chip that is only 120 calories, 60% less fat, and made out of real pasta! …Watch out Pita Chips!


 Being an avid pita chip lover myself, I thought there was no way a chip made of ‘pasta’ would taste and be better for you then my beloved Pitas.. But I stand corrected! The Pasta Chips come in multiple flavors: Sea Salt, Garlic Olive Oil, Alfredo, Marinara and are 20% less fat then Pita Chips. Having tried them myself, I can personally testify to saying that I have officially made the switch.



Above are some of our favorite Pasta Chip recipes, that you can find HERE

B&B’s favorite, is the mini crusted mac-n-cheese… YUM!


-Lauren, The Blondette