Prada Beijing Collection

What caused a sensation in China and is just finishing it’s four-store U.S. tour?   These one-of-a-kind, not for sale,  Prada striped, sequined  sample dresses (all size 40). Each one is a true wonder to behold at the Prada EpiCenter on Rodeo Drive. Created exclusively for a Spring 2011 runway show in Beijing, they are only being sold in that market. However, we have heard a rumor that you can special order one but there is at least a six to eight week wait. It’s worth the trip to try and catch them in Beverly Hills. They are being packed up shortly and move on to the next destination which is either the New York City EpiCenter on Broadway or as The Blonde  & The Brunette suspect, off to Italy. We’ll probably see several of these on one night loans to celebrities this summer.

– NJ, The Brunette