Shout Out To All The Brunette Beautys!

Photo Source: IStockPhoto

This goes out to all my brunette beauties out there reading The Blonde & The Brunette!  If you’re anything like me, you’re used to the hassle of shaving your legs once a day, or at least every other day.  I was blessed with a great head of hair, but keeping up with daily shaving and weekly body waxing is not only time consuming, but adds up to being very pricey as well!

I found the solution, laser hair removal!  I know what you’re thinking it sounds scary, but surprisingly, it’s not at all!  I have completed 6 sessions on my brow line & underarms, and LOVE the results!  I have just recently purchased six sessions for my legs, and couldn’t be more excited!  I actually have my first session tomorrow!  It is nearly pain free, and the results are fantastic!

The only drawback?  It is quite pricey.  This is where Groupon and Living Social come in.  If you remember months back, The Blonde & The Brunette featured Groupon.  In the past, I have gotten FABULOUS deals from each of these websites.  If you check in daily, you will be sure to find a laser treatment coupon, so keep your eyes peeled!  What’s better than never having to shave your legs again?

By the way, anyone ever do the do it at-home laser treatment?  How did it work?

Xx. Jadan Huter