“Shwood”en Sunglasses

Attention: Men & Women

Sunglasses by Shwood

While shopping in Australia a couple weeks ago, I came across an incredible company I had never heard of before, Shwood!  The company has been around for a few years now, but they have just recently released “Ashland,” which is their newest aviator model of wooden sunglasses.

All of Shwood‘s sunglasses are handcrafted from exotic woods by a personal team of woodworkers in Portland.  Shwood wooden sunglasses come in four different styles which are featured above and come in a wide variety of woods. Y ou can see the entire line at their website featured below.

The Blonde & The Brunette is all about being original…what’s more original than wooden shades?

Website: www.shwoodshop.com

Xx. Jadan