SIP Perfume. Find Your Sign.

Crazy about Astrology or not, we have just the thing for any lady interested in spoiling her inner goddess!

Strange Invisible Perfumes, the Venice, California-based organic perfumery, is releasing 12 limited-edition astrological fragrances, designed to specifically capture the characteristics of each star sign.  The launch rolls out with opposing signs on the astrological wheel…Virgo and Pisces, and two more scents will launch each month through January.  Although a bit pricey at $275 per 1.7 fl. oz, these perfumes fall in line with the brand’s affinity for custom perfumery, with each scent housed in an engraved bottle, beautifully hand-painted with sterling silver. 

Limited Edition Astrological Fragrances are $275. Available starting early September.  Strange Invisible Perfumes

Xx. Jadan