Skincare Made Easy By MURAD

Everyone at The Blonde and the Brunette knows I am a beauty products and skincare freak  but our work schedules have gotten even busier lately between events, filming Season 2 of Astrid in Wonderland and everything in-between.  I needed a simple, organized solution to fit into my routine. The stress of balancing everything, including taking red eyes from LA to NYC and back with greater frequency, was honestly taking a toll on my skin along with exhaustion and stress.  Sound a bit familiar?

Naturally, the hunt began for a realistic, cost efficient solution that was also easy to pack. Ta-da! I pretty much surprised myself when I found a line I might have ignored in the past. For the past four weeks I’ve put the MURAD Acne Complex® System to the test. You know we are a critical bunch of beauty junkies. I’d heard about it but must admit I was a bit skeptical if it would actually help “spots” or keep them at bay. Their approach turned out to be an easy, three-step system with each product logically labeled and ordered.  Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Cleansing. Treating. Hydrating.  The Acne Spot Treatment and The Clarifying Mask bonus items also worked as quick fixes but my favorite part of the program is my skin feels squeaky clean.  After a month of use and everyone at the office stopping by my desk (hey we’re all girls!) and remarking about my skin looking great, it’s official.  This is Blonde and Brunette Editor approved! Order the system here for $19.95!

-Kathryn, The Blonde