Sweet Inspirations

To some, chocolate is the Valentine’s Day standard.  This year, you might want to try these Valentine’s Day hot-spots for a new twist on sweet inspiration.  All are located in LA and most of them ship anywhere in the U.S. You won’t be disappointed.

  • a) Paulette’s on Charleville in Beverly Hills for a down-right delectable macaroon.
  • b) While you’re ordering don’t forget Moët and Chandon’s new I Love Moët inspired pink bottle! It will make any table beyond elegant!
  • c) Vanilla on Wilshire for “Mother’s Cake” white cake cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting and write your personal and sweet inspiration on the top of the cake.
  • d) Sweet Lady Jane for their to die for red velvet cake.  And, their carrot cake is equally amazing.
  • e) Crumbs.  Just a reminder that this is one of an Astrid favorite for their amazing cupcakes.

Happy Valentines Day!

– Randy, Blonde Contributor + NJ, The Brunette