Talk While You Tap, Type and Swipe

And just say “answer” to take a call.  Sounds heavenly in the fast-paced world, right?  You know us. We had to test it and we did because our bluetooth headset has to do double duty. We want it to look great while not posing a serious technical challenge. The model we fell in love with is new Plantronics  Marque 155.

Exceptionally sleek and lightweight, this headset is ideal for heavy smartphone users, like all of us at The Blonde and The Brunette, so it freed us up to tap, type and swipe but not when we are driving! We took the Oprah pledge.  It’s also an easy set-up. Turn it on and it steps you through a voice-guided pairing for Android smartphones or an iPhone. When a call comes in, just say “Answer” – no buttons to press. Love that feature. You can even listen to music, podcasts or GPS directions, and they a Vocalyst service that enables you to use your voice to manage emails, texts and update Facebook® or Twitter®.  Use their free MyHeadset app to get that option going. Marque M155. Just $59.99. Sounds like a deal to me.

NJ, The Brunette