The Blonde & The Brunette have another Hollywood dessert trend.  We discovered it at the Kathy Duliakas Oscar Suite.  We came across something that was literally Luv @ First Bite and a new addition to our sweet zone.  At first we were at bit hesitant. None of us are huge baklava fans but that instantly changed with one bite of Bakluvit Baklava.

It’s freshly baked in small batches in three special flavors.  The traditional Mediterranean original, featuring their signature flakey fillo dough crumble top and a double-layered nutty center crunch, the ChocBak™, for chocolate lovers, and BakScotch (my personal favorite).  You can zero in on one flavor or order the variety pack, which may be the best way to go, since we couldn’t stop sampling it for days.  Prices start at $28 for 15 pieces and you just order online.

NJ, The Brunette