Tangled Hair Relief With The Wet Brush

Finally, a way to comb through tangled hair with ease.  Say ‘hello’ to The Wet Brush!  I was recently introduced to this through my hairdresser, who swore it only would take one stroke to get through my freshly-washed, wet hair.  I was skeptical.  Because my hair is pretty thick and wavy (and there is a lot of it), it usually takes me several minutes in the shower to comb through it.  To my amazement, she was right; she got through each section in one stroke.  Then I tried it for myself and experienced the same results.  If you are ever battling with your tangled hair (especially during pool and beach season!), you have to try The Wet Brush.  You’ll minimize tearing and breakage and your locks will thank you!

– Ashlee, Brunette Contributor