The Hollywood Beauty Secret To Looking Younger

The Blonde & The Brunette have been doing their homework on this for a few months.  There’s a beauty secret that really hasn’t made the rounds yet.  Or at least we haven’t heard a lot of women or men talking about it.  Instead of going the filler route for hollowed-out cheeks or plump lips, some of the biggest A-list stars in Hollywood (and we’re talking about some of the most famous smiles ever) are going to Dr. Tara Nakjiri on North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills to have their bite corrected.   It is just as important, if not more important, to fix your crowns or rear molars.  You might also want to explore veneers (but you may not need that major an overhaul), but fixing your bite is the must in the equation.

Why?  This starts at a young age, but after years of grinding your teeth in your sleep or if your dentist has filed down your teeth to improve your bite, your bite slowly and subtly changes.  It not only ages you, but causes everything from sleep apnea or the maddeningly painful TMJ.  When you balance your bite, it suddenly adds fullness to your face and reduces lines (called marionettes).  The bonus is you also start to sleep better.  Two other things you should explore: 1) if you have them, get rid of those silver fillings for a prettier smile and improved health and 2) get a night guard.  It protects your teeth no matter your age and it also helps you sleep better.  There are also lots of new solutions to teeth whitening.  Here’s the caveat about brightening and tooth color: women can go brighter and men need a more natural look. There’s nothing worse than that absolutely insanely perfect “Chiclets” look (especially on a man). You can learn more about Dr. Tara Nakjiri (a  graduate of the UCLA school of dentistry) or contact her at her website or call her office at 310-271-0461. Keep smiling!

– NJ, The Brunette