The Eternal Hair Question Answered: Should I Get the Bangs?

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she considers getting bangs. “Should I get bangs?” is a rite of passage and a question that has a different answer for everyone.

If you’ve found yourself reaching the point in your life where you ask yourself this eternal hair question, we have the answer you’re looking for. Here are the real things you need to consider when thinking about getting the bangs.

Are You in an Emotional Crisis?

Above all else, this is the question to ask yourself: are you considering bangs as a result of an emotional crisis? It’s ok if you are. Breakups are hard. Big birthdays raise existential questions that you might not want to answer. There are a lot of events that cause people to think of getting bangs rather than a therapist.

If this is you, wait it out.

Put the bangs on the back burner until the emotional crisis has passed. If you still want them after the fact, then continue on with your consideration process.

Think About the Alternatives

Another important consideration when thinking about if you should get bangs is the alternatives. Bangs are a lot of work, and you’ll likely need to use heat tools every day. This causes damage to your hair over time. Are the bangs worth it to you?

Consider looking into alternatives. Read this ultimate guide to wigs​ and look for a hairpiece that gives you the look you want without doing anything semi-permanent. Test out some different hairstyles, such as faux bangs, to see if you like how they look on you.

Your Face Shape Versus Your Bangs

If you’re leaning toward getting bangs, you’ll need to take your face shape into account. While there is arguably a style of bangs for every face shape, what works for some won’t work for others.

For example, shaggy bangs can look lovely with a round face and add length. Alternatively, blunt bangs tend not to look so great. Finding the right style for your face shape will make all the difference with how you feel about the results.

Working Maintenance Into Your Schedule

If you have bangs, you’ll need to style them every single day. Sometimes, you’ll need to adjust them multiple times a day. For example, if you like to hit the gym on your lunch hour, you might find yourself washing and drying your bangs in the bathroom sink.

Having bangs means extra time in the mornings as well as extra trips to the salon for a trim. While shaggy bangs can grow out for a while before you have an issue, you might have to have blunt bangs trimmed every couple of weeks.

Thinking About Your Budget

In addition to the implications for your schedule, you must also evaluate the costs. Trips to the salon plus the product you need for styling (dry shampoo is about to become your best friend) can add up.

Sometimes the decision whether or not to get bangs comes down to whether or not you can afford them. If you’re thinking that you’ll save by trimming your own bangs, the answer to the eternal question is, “absolutely not.”

The Grow Out Plan

You’ve made it through all the hurdles and determined that there is nothing standing in your way of getting bangs. Now it’s time to consider the after-effects. In other words, how will you navigate the process of growing them out in the future?

In the movie What’s Your Number? Anna Farris’s character is always saying she missed something because she was busy growing out her bangs. The joke wasn’t even that much of an exaggeration. Growing out your bangs can be a painfully awkward period of limbo that will make you re-evaluate everything.

If none of that scares you, then it might be time to try something new and get bangs. Otherwise, shelve the idea until your next emotional crisis.

Xo, Wendy Dessler