The “It” Holiday Accessory: Fendi’s Got Us All Bugged Out

fendibuggie_1_122313 fendibuggie_2_122313 fendibuggie_3_122313 fendibuggie_4_122313

They’re basically SOLD OUT. If you can find one grab it. The posse of tiny Fendi “Buggies” is the “IT” accessory this holiday season that can be clipped to your house keys or any (Fendi) tote bag. Spotted on the brand’s Fall ’13 runway, the many different faces of the ‘Buggies’ bring a dose of color to your look. You can add your name to the Wish List at Net-A-Porter or hope Santa brings you one.

First, if you want to have a bit of fun, find out “Which Is The Right “Buggie For You.” Take the ever-so clever test at the Fendi Buggie Machine. Figure out in advance if your style is sophisticated, eccentric, unconventional or…hmm…, I won’t tell you the other choices.

Check it out! They’re beyond whimsical.

NJ Goldston, The Brunette