The Liner That Out-Lines All Liners





 Khol Me Kajal…

This liner changed my life. Okay okay, not really… but it did change the way I look at other liners!

Guerlain re-vamps their liners every year , and not only is the product consistently incredible, but the packaging never disappoints! Year after year, the ribbon decorations change, Guerlain adds more colors, and they continue to supply the most glamorous eyeliner around.

The pencil formula itself feels hard to the touch, yet glides on almost like a gel. The color comes out great. Solid, silky black and the best part? Khol Me Kajal doubles as not only a liner, but as an eye shadow as well!

Don’t worry about it smudging, this liner is known to last all morning, noon and night! Guerlain “Khol Me Kjal” Eyeliner. $37. No wonder it’s named No.01 Noir Volcanique.

Xx. Jadan Huter