The Right Hair = The Perfect Outfit

Photos by: Patrick McMullan

The Blonde and The Brunette know we can all be guilty of red carpet commentating on a celeb’s “horrible hair choices” and “what was she thinking with that hair?!” The fact of the matter is, although almost every celebrity has a team of stylists putting their look together, pairing the right hair style with the right outfit is not an easy task.  When looking for inspiration for a hair and fashion muse, I found Red Carpet photos of Lauren Conrad that have inspired me. She not only knows how to complement her look, but she also adds dimension and a perfect silhouette to complete it.

Make that your goal too. Once you choose the outfit, then consider your hair style:  Goddess, Sexy, Classy, Work Chic, Sophisticated Glamour, Seventies, Retro…whatever. But Lauren, is flexible and adapts her style to the look and the occasion. So we thought we would share some examples of the perfect pairing of hair and outfit. It can make getting your look just right a lot easier.

Kathryn, The Blonde