Tom Ford. Inside The Creative Mastermind

“Style for me is something completely different you can be what we would consider in our culture to be unattractive and have great style, you can have no money and have great style, you can have a lot of money and have great style. More often you have a lot of money and have TERRIBLE style and you just plaster yourself into what you think your supposed to be wearing and you lost yourself.”  – TOM FORD 

Enthralled by this OWN special that just recently aired to the public, The Blonde & The Brunette wanted to share it with our readers.

Please, take a peek inside the mind of one of, if not the greatest creative genius of our time, Mr. Tom Ford.  Fourty minutes out of your day might seem like a lot, but the amount of inspiration you will take from this interview makes that time incredibly well spent.  Trust us on this one.  Click the image above to watch on Vimeo.

Xx. Jadan & The Blonde and The Brunette Team