The Top 5 Best Workouts in Los Angeles

As a fitness instructor and enthusiast, I am always checking out the latest in fitness or the new hot studio. I love to trying new things and I love to support my fellow fitness professionals. There are so many amazing studios in LA and these are my top 5 picks & favorite APL kicks! Plus swimsuit season is just around the corner. It might just might be time to double down.

Speedplay is a revolutionary high-intensity interval training studio. I have been instructing there for almost a year and a half now and I love the workouts because they are methodically created as well as challenging.  Speedplay is a mixture of running, rowing, and different functional strength training exercises. They have Speedplay 60 (full body), Strength (more weights, barely any cardio) and Tone (light weight burn, less sweaty). The Beverly Hills location has the best workout view in LA. There is an amazing panoramic view of the city and the evening classes are epic with the sunset views! #datviewdoe 

Sweat Garage is High-Intensity Interval Training in a fun, positive, motivating class. The one-hour workouts are a combination of treadmill running, free weights, kettle bells, slam balls, jump ropes, resistance training and functional movements. I have been a part of the SG family for almost five years now. It is one of the hardest workouts I have found in LA. #sweatyfriends

Pop Physique is a 45 minute barre class. I have never been a fan of barre until I came to Pop Physique. One of the reasons I love it is because I know nothing about it, so I get to just completely relax and enjoy the process.. the tucking, the holding and the pulsing process. Such simple movements can make your muscles burn so much. They use light weights, pilates balls and straps for a full body workout. It flies by every time and it is a great class to add to my fitness routine because it is so different from anything else I do. #popaholic

AIR Los Angeles is an aerial yoga studio located in West Hollywood. Do not be fooled by the pretty silks, this class is killer. They start with a yoga warm up to get you ready to work it out on the silks. My favorite part is trying to do the pose of the day because I like to believe that I look graceful and elegant, until I look in the mirror. But, I will keep trying to get better and it is an amazing way to work on range of motion. Your upper body and core will be exhausted, your hands will ache, but you will have a blast. Shout out to owner, Lindsey Duggan, for being a fierce gem of an instructor. #AIRtime

Training Mate is a 45 minute HIIT training circuit class that uses a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises. It is definitely one of the only classes in LA that makes me laugh as part of the workout. Training Mate has created such a friendly environment that I have never once felt intimated by the staff, instructors or other clients. They have a wide variety of equipment, so it is a really nice compliment to my daily routine to mix things up a bit. My favorite is the “Thunder Down Under” leg based day! #trainingmate


-Beka Badila, Fitness Contributor