Valentine’s Movie Night In

When searching for the best way to spend St. Valentine’s Day, the most obvious answers include a couples dinner, a romantic evening at a hotel or a spa retreat.  But, for the more savvy spender (or saver!), sometimes a fun night IN might be just the solution.  A movie might can also mean a surprise for your significant other with an indoor picnic to boot.  Of course, I have a few recommendations on “Love Themed” movies that aren’t just for the females in the group.  Here is a mini-list of some of my favorite Romantic films that will either make for a great opportunity to cuddle or for a great conversation:

1. The Notebook – Just ask your guy friends – The Notebook is one of those timeless classics that brings even the most masculine of men to tears. There is a strong plot line, the dialogue is dripping with gut-wrenching romance and it has two of the most lovable actors in Hollywood cast as the leads. Romance scale – 10/10

2. L’auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment) – I HAD to put a French movie on this list.  Paris is the city of romance!  One of the most clever roommate-based films I have ever seen, L’auberge Espagnole shows the depths of love and the amount of risk involved.  Packed with quite a few international stars, you forget you’re reading subtitles while watching due to the captivating script and genuine performances.  And, for anyone that has lived in or traveled to Europe, this provides a nostalgic view of the landscape and various cities.  Romance scale – 8/10

3. 16 Candles — My guess is that this one might not go over well with the men in the audience, however I promise that minus the cheesy (but adorable) ending, there are enough moments of boyish humor in 16 Candles to justify a viewing.  Plus, we are probably all able to recite at least one of two of the lines of dialogue here, so that could be a fun Valentines Night game.  Starring beloved 80’s actors, there are many recognizable faces as well as moments that made cinematic history.  The love story is rather cute as well.  Romance scale – 7/10

4.  Catfish – This is the most unconventional of all of the movie choices on this list.  Catfish will show you the power of love, forgiveness, and desperation.  The best part? It is ALL, 100% true.  A documentary that starts in Manhattan and takes you all over the United States, you will be enthralled, upset and moved to tears.  Screened at The Sundance Film Festival, Catfish is meeting critical acclaim and is challenging us all to be honest, forthright and compassionate, particularly when we don’t share the same feelings of love that someone might have for us.  Romance scale – 8/10

– Kate, BnB Contributor