Valentino In The Clutch

I spotted Ciara with this exact bag , with a single lipstick inside, literally “clutched ” in her hand at the Valentino Boutique Opening on Rodeo Drive earlier this week.  She even tweeted from the event  “All I need is lip gloss in my clear Valentino bag, but I’ll be running back to the car if I need anything else!”

This is such a  lust and not a must but what a lust. The Valentino Clear Acrylic Clutch with Gold Metal Studs from their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is part of a new trend, the see-through bag, and The Blonde and The Brunette will showcase “must” options later  in the week. It may not be practical, but it is the perfect statement piece with a LBD or gown. I saw one more  in a case on the second floor. I didn’t ask the price but I think I might just investigate. Inquiring minds want to know!

NJ Falk, The Brunette