Victoria Secret’s Hayley Atkin’s Celebrity Style Secrets Interview

Photos Courtesy of Hayley Atkins and Victoria’s Secret

The Blonde and The Brunette took out time from the crazy Oscar frenzy and party circuit and sat down on Thursday with famed Victoria Secret and celebrity stylist, Hayley Atkin. If you don’t know Hayley, you should. She is the Fashion Editor of LA Times Magazine.  She styles Mila Kunis, Mila Jovovich, Kerry Washington, Christina Hendricks and Lauren Hutton and some of her great work is featured above.

First, Hayley, thank you for your time! We asked Hayley about red carpet trends, which VS undergarment would work best under which style of dress (if you haven’t seen all the recommendations, we posted them yesterday) and, of course, we asked Hayley to opine on actual trends and not just undergarments.


B & B:  You have styled for some of the top celebrities in Hollywood. What is your ultimate secret weapon in the Victoria Secret Collection that every woman can use?


Haley Atkins: Victoria Secret’s The Slimtastic High Waisted Thigh Shaper is the ultimate secret weapon! This is complete coverage starting just below the bra line all the way down to the knee. It completely sucks you in and gives the perfect pin up girl shape. It is a soft fabric that is really comfortable yet provides extreme firmness. What is so great about this is it prevents the gowns from clinging to any body part while it completely reshapes your body!


B & B:  What are your thoughts on the plunging neckline (and I just wore one on the Red Carpet and was in a bit of a panic) and how do we conquer that daunting but amazingly sexy look? What are your rules for cleavage exposure?


Haley Atkins: The plunging neckline is a tricky one for women with larger breasts. It is such an amazing neckline because it elongates your neck and is incredibly flattering. But it’s important to have the perfect cleavage with this. Victoria Secret has the Very Sexy V Bra to solve this problem. They sent this bra to all the best actress and supporting actress nominees for the Oscars.


This bra comes to a low V in the front so you can wear it with the plunging neckline. It will push your breasts up and together slightly so it gives the perfect cleavage. Not too much not too little! The bra straps are adjustable to become halter, cross back and the regular straps. So you can wear it with any style of dress that has a plunging neckline! Another secret is to use double stick tape to make sure your bra never shows.

B & B: As a stylist, what are your faux pas for undergarments? What not to do…


Haley Atkins: The biggest faux pas is when we can see the undergarments. Panty lines are the biggest faux pas. The Victoria Secret Embracer Waist Cinching Thong eliminates this risk! This is one of my favorite undergarments that Victoria Secret has. This was also included in the gift bag sent to Oscar nominated Actresses and supporting actresses. This product hugs your waist in nice and firm and gives you all the support you need. It covers the entire stomach so you don’t have to worry about it sticking out at all. But what’s so great is that it is a thong so you can feel sexy underneath your gown which is very important. If you feel good you look good!


B &B: I (Kathryn)  have  issues with strapless bras because I have a larger bust, what strapless bra would you recommend?


Haley Atkins: I would recommend Victoria Secret’s Back off Baby low back Bustier. With a larger bust you need the support of a bustier instead of a strapless bra. This will eliminate the feeling of the bra falling down and it will give you the support you need. You can even sew it into your gown for added support!


B & B : What kind of body shape and outfit is best for a slip versus a legging shape wear?


Haley Atkins: A slip is for someone that doesn’t need extreme support but wants the comfort of knowing nothing will cling to her body. This is great under a column silhouette gown. Victoria Secret has the So Curvaceous Slip which is perfect for that statuesque gown. This slip has a built in thong so that you don’t have to wear panties and you can wear your bra underneath for added support. It comes in black, nude, and a fun animal print color which I love so when your night is over you can take off your gown and already be in something sexy to sleep in. The leg wear shaping is for extreme control. The Slimtastic High Waisted Thigh Shaper is the product for this and it will shape your stomach, waist, thighs, and it will even lift your butt for the perfect bottom!


B &B:  Do you have any tips for those women with exposed bra straps?


Haley Atkins: You should have a tailor sew little hooks into the inside of the dress straps so you can hook your bra straps to them. Nothing is worse then exposed bra straps. That is a fashion faux pas!


B & B: What is the one piece of fashion advice you would give to the contemporary woman?


Hayley Atkins: Less is more. And don’t dress overly trendy. You can look really chic in an amazing fitted pair of pants, great shirt and fitted jacket. Throw on a cool pair of flat shoes and it is as simple as that! If you are not sure whether you should wear something chances are you shouldn’t wear it. The most important thing is the way the clothes fit you. If your figure looks good then you instantly look modern and chic!


This is great advice that works for everyone. You don’t need to be a celebrity to look great and feel comfortable. It’s pretty basic. If you feel good, you look good.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette & Kathryn Lebowitz, the Blonde