For Spring: Color Me Pretty Sexy Eyes

If you were studying the Red Carpet last night, this year make-up was beautifully done on many a celebrity. The Blonde and The Brunette thought you might want to try it yourself. Here’ s a quick five-step way from the Brilliance New York Collection to get beautiful, sexy eyes.

5 Steps to Color Me Pretty Sexy Eyes this Spring:

  1. Apply a Lid and HD (High-Def) Primer using a light eye shadow as the base and blend
  2. Next apply a slightly darker eye shadow over the entire lid adding a darker shade and contrast to the crease of your eye
  3. Blend it to your liking, next add highlighter .
  4. Create a winged line on your upper lash line for a cat-like look eyeliner to your waterline on your lower lid.
  5. Finish with a volume mascara, preferably water resistant, and you’ve officially reached a sexy spring look!

NJ, The Brunette