Milan Fall Winter 2012: The Influencers

Prada Takeaway Trends:  The Past Influences The Future/Be Important/ Embellishments, Embroideries, Plexi & Sequins/Metallics/The New Bag/The New Mary Jane Shoe/

Blumarine Takeaway Trends:Neon/ Metallics/Sequins/Don’t Be Bashful

Gucci Takeaway Trends: Sleek Silhouette, Dark Glamour & Siren Gowns

We’re beginning to think it’s more fun to single out the influential collections. In Milan last week,  for the Fall Winter 2012 shows, Prada rocked everyone’s world (again) with her her vision and quote  that “Fashion is Pleasure.” The Blonde and The Brunette have always inferred this but Miucci Prada actually spoke the words and then sent a collection down the runway that backed it up. It was about power and reaching into many of her previous collections to reinterpret it for a new decade and a new women. Blumarine was the absolute opposite. We all know this woman and she enjoys life and has fun no matter where she is; and then Gucci, channeled dark glamour. All of it is just drop dead gorgeous and sexy. More to follow as Astrid is front row at Cavalli and DSquared!

NJ, The Brunette