Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Launch: 2011 Swim Collection

If you are wondering how Victoria’s Secret launched their new 2011 swimsuit line, it was easy.  They showcased three of the hottest supermodels in the world, Allesandra Ambrosia, Candice Swanpoel  and Adrianna Lima.  The event was held at The Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood this past week to launch their 2011 swimsuit collection.  They didn’t showcase many suits, but what we did see was a great black cut-out with a gold sequin accent on Adrienna Lima. There is also a raging media discussion that started this morning about whether Candice is getting to light (thin) for her wings. But, for most of us, I think we might be wishing we could all look like this when we hit the beach.

– NJ, The Brunette