The Blonde & The Brunette Team Loves Big Brothers Big Sisters

From left to right: Ashlee, Kathryn (The Blonde), NJ (The Brunette), Randy, Astrid, Jadan

Last Friday The Blonde & The Brunette team had their very own Red Carpet moment at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the jam packed Crystal Ballroom.  All for a great cause that’s close to our hearts.  Our very own NJ Goldston, Editor-in-Chief of The Blonde & The Brunette, was honored by Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Greater Los Angeles with the inaugural “Innovator Award” at this year’s Accessories for Success Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show.  The Innovator Award was established this year to recognize women who find creative ways to affect positive change in the lives of young people in our community.

The Special Guest Host was Elizabeth Berkley, of Saved By The Bell and CSI fame, who has  just published Ask Elizabeth. More on that in a separate post.  Nina Shaw received the Excellence in Mentoring Award and Nancy Taylor was honored with the Sterling Award. NJ branded them the three N’s! As always, talk show host Sarah Purcell added great insights into the organization when she came on stage to speak.

So why do we love and support  BBBS? The Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Greater Los Angeles has a long history of life changing mentorship. Through this organization’s over 50-year history, children without the opportunity for real hands-on guidance are given just that. Youth that go through the BBBS program are 76% less likely to use alcohol and drugs and walk away with as real appreciation for the future as well as a formidable sense of self-esteem that keeps them focused. Yeah, you read that right. 76%

There was even a special shout-out to the team of the B&B for their great fashion insights and flair.  That’s us above.  In case you’re curious, from left to right: Ashlee, Kathryn (The Blonde), NJ (The Brunette), Randy, Astrid and Jadan.  Susan was in San Francisco covering Balenciaga at the de Young Museum and Kate was winging her way to another event.  We’re a busy group.  Of course, we each tried to put a little twist on our outfits from great statement necklaces, leopard print tights, some lace, a Missoni print and black booties.

We’ve had numerous requests to share NJ’s Eight to Innovate insights from her speech.  Here you go.

  1. Everyone says this but you actually have to do it. Collaboration and connecting with others is the key. A team is always much better than doing things on your own. It feels good to be in the life raft with others.
  2. Take on challenges outside your comfort zone. This is a tough one but you need to push yourself past your fears of failure.
  3. Learn from others and stop and listen more. Try to occasionally call people instead of texting or bbm’ing. My new motto, which is very old school, is “pick up the phone.”
  4. Change is good and it’s hard to embrace. Take a serious timeout when you want to make this happen.
  5. Try to be flexible. It’s much harder than being brittle.
  6. Listen to the next generation. As Sarah Purcell says, “Give them equal footing!” Don’t you wish you had said that.
  7. Just get started. The foundation is the way to the future. This is a great way to realize goals and feel a sense of accomplishment every day. Be a list person. It feels good to cross things off my list.
  8. There is always someone better. Let them inspire you.

For more information go to Please join us in supporting a great cause.


The Blonde & The Brunette Team