Virginie Millefiori. Whimsical, Colorful, Hand Made Jewelry


I stumbled upon Virginie Millefiori’s jewelry by accident one day while perusing the internet, and how thankful I am that I did! Handcrafted jewelry for whimsical people with an eye for detail and a taste for the unexpected, her collections are colorful and playful, mingling poetry and wordplay with delicate designs. She was so kind to share some of her pieces with me, and they have now become absolute staples in my day to day attire.

She blends her minimalistic, yet quirky cool to create the most original pieces. The most impressive part? EACH PIECE IS HANDMADE – BY HER! I was lucky enough to get an interview with this amazing woman, and I have been so excited to share it with our readers!

When and what inspired you to create Virginie Millefiori?
I created Virginie Millefiori in Paris in 2005 after I came back from a one month trip to Vancouver. I had jet lag for quite a while, and wanted to do something creative while I could not sleep. I started with polymer clay at first using the millefiori technique, hence my brand name. Metalsmithing courses and years of shows later, here I am, making jewelry in my NY based studio!

Where did you grow up?
I am French. I grew up in Rouen, Normandy. A very cute city with a lot of timbering houses and charming tortuous streets.

First five words that come to mind when asked what inspires you…
Color. Poetry. Simplicity. Whimsy. Story

Are all of your pieces hand-made?
Yes. After I draw all the designs, I hand forge the metal, and then saw off the shapes out of sheet metal with a jeweler saw blade. Then, I solder the wire for the rings, the jump rings for the necklaces, and the posts for the earrings. I even do the final color touch myself. I mix the pigments and enamel of each piece all in my very own studio.

Did you know you wanted to be a designer growing up?
No, I wish! It took me very long to discover that. My education is engineer in physics and chemistry. I then completed a masters degree in marketing, and worked as product manager for different luxury companies before eventually daring to pursue my dream in New York City.

Which celebrity would you love to see your pieces on?
I think Rachel Bilson is very cute and conveys the whimsical, happy mood my pieces exude.

If you could raid anyone’s closet living or dead, who’s would it be?
I think I would go for Alexa Chung!

We selected a few of our favorite pieces from the Virginie Milleiore Collection. What are you waiting for? Take yourself shopping!

Golden framed triangle ring $40.00 /Pinwheel earstuds vermeil $42.00

/ Bar necklace silver $48.00 / United hands necklace $60.00

Xx. Jadan Huter