Welcome To The Chain Gang


Welcome to the chain gang, the most exclusive club of the season. To be apart of it, you’ve gotta be pretty bad ass. So what do you think, are you capable?


Bold chain necklaces have been around for years, and this season, they are back and bigger than ever!  Taking notes from the 80’s, these beautiful costume pieces seem to resurface every so often around the festive holiday season and do a great job sprucing up any drab winter wear. The bold chain is all about adding an edgy sexiness to  your attire, I definitely don’t see anything wrong with that!


Whether you pair your bold chain with a staple leather jacket, a flattering pair of skinnys, or a baggy pair of boyfriend jeans, you honestly can’t go wrong.

In all the time the chains have been on trend, I’ve never seen a chain I didn’t like.


Below, I have compiled a collection of my favorite chains from all over the web, so you can easily sort through and decide which chain is for you!

Xx. Jadan Huter