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Two coats of “Born Into Privilege”.

I am a sucker for glitter nail polishes, particularly solid glitter.  The more glitter the better, right?  I don’t see concentrated glitter polish often, so when I caught wind of Wet ‘N Wild’s ColorIcon Be Jeweled Collection, I quickly began scouring the internet.  Then one day, I walked into my local Rite Aid and there they were: the entire collection.  I purchased “Born Into Privilege“, which is a goldish/greenish base of fine glitter with large rainbow glitter and wore it alone on my finger nails (pictured above).  They are semi-transparent and allow you to achieve a nearly solid glitter look with just 2 coats.

Two coats of “Speak When Spoken To” over a deep red metallic polish I already owned.

But since they are not fully opaque, you can also layer them over a matte or metallic polish of your choosing and the color underneath will show through, turning almost any polish in your collection into a colored glitter polish.  I also picked up “Speak When Spoken To“, which has a blue base and rainbow glitter.  This one I wore over a deep red metallic and, as you can see, created a red/blue/purple chameleon effect.  The photos really don’t do these polishes justice; they have an amazing depth to them in person.

The collection includes 5 colors, each priced at $2.99:

  • The Crown Is Mine” (purple base)
  • Jewels For Your Highness” (pink base)
  • Speak When Spoken To” (blue base)
  • Bow In My Presence” (teal/green base)
  • Born Into Privilege” (green/gold base)

I still haven’t been able to track these down online, so if you want to get your own, visit your local drugstore.  If you’re in the Valley, Rite Aid on Topanga and Ventura has them in stock.  Otherwise, China Glaze’s Prismatic Chroma Glitters are very similar; they’re a little more expensive, but still very affordable.  My only gripe is the colors are a little more concentrated, so they are not as ideal for laying.

– Ashlee, Brunette Contributor