Your Initials In Style: Signet Rings

Your probably thinking “I’ve seen something like this in my grandparents jewelry box” because, in fact, you probably have!  These rings have been a timeless classic for years.  In the past, Signet rings have been mostly seen worn by men, but with this new assortment of dainty selections, that is about to change.  Not only do they look great, but I am so in love with the fact that these rings are capable of staying in the family for years to come after being passed down through generations.  Whether it’s initials or a family crest, you can’t go wrong.

  • a.) Sarah Chloe (Starting at $98)
  • b.) James Colarusso ($825 Forget Me Not Ring)
  • c.) Doyle & Doyle ($2800 Coat of Arms Signet Ring)
  • d.) Russell Jones ($5,300 18K Gold Apollo Signet Ring )
  • e) Tiffany & Co ($1,200 Gold Oval Signet Ring)
  • f.) James Colarusso ($3,000 Small Concave Ring)
  • g.) James Colarusso ( $3,800 Medium Facet Ring)

-Jadan, The BnB “It Girl