Zang Toi Fall 2011: Timeless Beauties

This is so my style! I don’t know how The Blonde and The Brunette missed the Fall 2011 Zang Toi collection. It received a standing ovation at Lincoln Center and was generally considered “Best in Show”. Every piece in the collection is breathtakingly beautiful with a collection that is nearer Haute Couture than ready-to-wear. Completely handcrafted, each item is unique and limited edition with only a handful actually produced. The neutral color palette of camels, grays and blacks is so restrained and elegant and then the emerald appears. I swooned. The baby camel hair, wool tweed and double face wool fabrications are from the famed Loro Piana with taffeta and French lace added to the mix for the evening wear. To order (and yes you have to place an order!) or see every item in the collection contact Jay Hernandez at The Saks Fifth Avenue Club in Beverly Hills. 310-275-4224.

-NJ, The Brunette