5 Charitable Reasons To Give Back This Season


As we give thanks for so much in our lives, it’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to others and the organizations we love to support all year long. We have five sentimental favorites we hope you might just support or tell us yours.. ‘Tis the season.


My charity of choice this year is the California Wildlife Center.  Los Angeles is a densely packed metropolis, and with a population of over 10 million, California Wildlife Center is doing something very near and dear to my heart. They are better helping humans co-exist with wildlife. Whether it’s accidentally knocking down a bird’s nest, or a sea lion ingesting a plastic bag. California Wildlife Center’s goal is to keep native fauna wild by rehabilitating animals as quickly as possible and releasing them back into their native territory. With over 10,000 calls a year that range from raccoons in the attic, a fox struck by a car or an orphaned duckling, they are helping animals, educating individuals and providing solutions to existing problems.

California Wildlife Center is a non-profit that relies on donations to keep caring for our patients. A perfect gift for all the animal lovers in your life. Click Here to make a tax-deductible donation, OR sponsor an animal for just $50! Your gift recipient will receive: A personalized Sponsorship Certificate, an animal fact sheet, a full-color photo of the animal, and you can even add a plush replica of the animal. Click Here to purchase.


Westside Children’s Center

This year, we volunteered our time to help out at the Los Angeles Westside Children’s Center. It’s an organization that helps thousands of at-risk children and their families with critical, high-quality early education programs and services. Every year for Christmas they have a party for the kids and they each get to pick out a toy, we got to help out by helping the kids and wrapping the gifts. It was such a great feeling to help make that kids day and Christmas morning! Love this organization.


Toys For Tots

A lot of people don’t know this about me but I have a fairly large toy collection, ranging from vinyl figures to Hot Wheels to stuffed animals. I plan on moving to a new apartment in the New Year and have started packing my belongings, only to realize I have a ridiculous amount of toys that I would be happy to part with, especially for something like this. You can drop off toys or you can make a monetary donation. With everything going on in the world, I’m beginning to appreciate the smaller things in life, and having toys to open and play with during the holidays is a luxury that most of us taken for granted.


It’s a tie for me. I have two organizations that pull at my heart strings all year long. One is the Los Angeles Mission. LA has the largest homeless pollution in the U.S.. Even though the city is making greater efforts to assist the homeless, the need is so great especially this time of year.  The BnB has been a long time supporter of the critically important work of The Los Angeles Mission which exists to provide help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need. In addition, their important community programs serve as a powerful tool to bring about change in lives devastated by substance abuse and poor lifestyle choices. This time of year, hungry homeless people also get a Christmas meal and much needed care they need.

I’m an animal lover and The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization. The Society and its affiliates provide hands-on care and services to more than 100,000 animals each year, and professionalize the field through education and training for local organizations. They are the leading animal advocacy organization, driving transformational change in the U.S. and around the world by combating large-scale cruelties such as puppy mills, animal fighting, factory farming, seal slaughter, horse cruelty, captive hunts and the wildlife trade. This year they have lead the charge on passing important legislature creating more humane condition including protecting wolves, lab monkeys, and factory farming. As the year closes, a donor has created a $1MM matching fund for every dollar given. We can’t think of a better cause. And if ou can’t donate, volunteer or do both.


The Blonde and The Brunette Team