5 Easy At Home Work Outs with Kara Griffin x APL


It happens–life gets in the way of your workouts. Whatever they may be, getting a quick full body workout is a good way to get around your, erm, excuses. Do these five moves to sculpt your body in a dynamic way. All exercises are designed to work multiple muscle groups at once, giving you even more bang for your buck. Because who doesn’t want to save time while fitting in a daily energy boost?


WORKOUT #1:  Straight Up, With a Twist

5 lb weights

1. Stand on two feet and press the weights overhead. 

2. Once the arms are side at 90 degrees, pick up up the right knee and rotate the body toward the knee. 

That’s one rep. Do 24 reps, alternating sides. 

Arms and core are the focus here. Remember to keep the shape of your arms the whole time to get the maximum benefit. Always rotate your spine from those abs!


WORKOUT #2: Katniss Curls

5 lb weights

1. Balance on one leg, keeping the standing knee slightly bent. 

2. Bring your working leg to a 90 degree angle in front of you, using your lower abs. As you do this, bring both elbows to 90 degrees. 

3. Keeping your balance as you extend your working leg to the side, toes facing forward. As you do this, lean away from the leg and bring your arms to a bow and arrow position.

That’s one rep. Do 16-24 reps each side. 

You’ll feel your whole body with this one. Arms are targeted with the weights, but you’ll also feel your middle back and glutes. The abs and supporting leg holds you stable so you’ll feel the burn there too. 


WORKOUT #3: Get Physical Plank

1. Start in a forearm plank. Place your arms in a backwards L position to easily transition.

2. Rotate to a side plank on your left arm.

3. Pull your knee in towards your side while balancing in the side plank. 

That’s one rep. Do 16 each side. 

We’re targeting the full core in this exercise. The arms get some secondary work here and should make this extra challenging since they’re already fatigued from the standing exercises. 


WORKOUT #4: Spin + Sit

1. Start with your legs in tabletop and upper body in a crunch. 

2. Rotate and twist to the left, extending your right leg. 

3. Rotate to the other side, extending the opposite leg. 

4. Extend your whole body and reach your arms behind you.

5. Go to a full sit up with your legs in table top.

That’s one rep. Do 32 total. 

This is the finisher for your abs! Always keep your lower back flat and your bellybutton pulling in to your spine. 


WORKOUT #5: Get Low Lunge

5 lb weights

1. Put your weight in your left hand. Extend the left arm back simultaneously with the right leg. 

2. Bring your right leg forward to a lunge position.

3. Stand up halfway to a lunge as you extend your arms and twist to the right. 

That’s one rep. Do 24 reps each side. 

Everything’s working in this exercise! Make sure to put the weight in your front heel as you’re lunging to engage your hamstrings and glutes rather than only your quads. 


Kara Griffin