A Fan of Faux Tan

Ok, I have spent relentless years perfecting my faux year-round tan, and I’m sharing my research.

Here are my rules:

1. Custom Spray Tan, aka The Vacation Tan

If I want to look perfectly tan in a bikini for the day or weekend, I will go for the custom spray tan.  You can’t really go wrong with this approach.  I use the Portofino scrub, available at Portofino stores, because an oil-free scrub is the key and exfoliation towel in the shower right before my late night appointment at Portofino (there are many locations around LA and NY).  I put on my pajamas for the night, black loose pants and a black loose long sleeve shirt.  That way after my spray tan, I don’t have to change again.

2. Self-Tanner Products and Tools

I use a self-tanning spray and a gradual self-tanner as a fool-proof, streak-free combination.  One night a week I’ll devote ten minutes before bed to my full-body spray or mousse.  Lately, I love the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse and the St. Tropez tanning applicator mitt has changed everything!  No more streaks, perfect application.  When using this mitt, any self tanner will work.  I go by best smelling product.  Victoria’s Secret has a great smelling body spray and mousse!  Found in VS stores.

3. Gradual Tan Moisturizer

A few times a week after my shower, I will apply a gradual self-tanner only to my arms and legs, because those are the only body parts exposed during the day anyway!

My favorite gradual tan moisturizer is the Victoria Secret Daily Glow Gradual Tan because it smells so good!  I actually get compliments for smelling good.  The scent is beachy, tropical and coconutty, and it masks most of the DHA smell without interfering with it.  I used to use the St. Tropez gradual tan, so it is a close second.

I will finish moisturizing the rest of my body with a yummy smelling body lotion.  My favorite is the Creme Brulee body creme.

4. Face

I pick one day a week to apply facial self-tanner in the morning.  I like the Hourglass self-tanning primer because of the perfect glow.  I also like the Tan Towel for my face.  I wear my hair up when I have self tanner on because my face will be a bit greasier by the end of the day, but my skin really does look good all day; I just am ready to hop in the shower and get it off by the end of the day!


Happy Tanning!

– Kathryn, The Blonde