A Fashion Tip From The Duke Of Wellington

Hunter Rain Boots!

For all of The Blonde & The Brunette readers across the pond, this one’s for you!  I think it would be safe to say music festivals out there become quite a muddy event.  But, what I love most about Europeans, is rain never gets them down!  Bring rain to Coachella, and us Americans wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.  Bring rain to European festivals, such as Glastonbury, and the party just keeps on going!  Therefore, European concert goers all have one thing in common, Hunter Wellies!

When Kate Moss was seen wearing a pair of Wellies at the Glastonbury Music Festival in 2005, she made it okay to wear rain boots as a fashion accessory.  Last summer, I was out at Victoria Park for the LED Music Festival, & I saw an eyesight of people continuing to cary on this fashion trend.  I only wish I’d have brought mine!  It’s quite a shame there’s only a handful of days my wellies are put to good use in Los Angeles!  Often called “Wellingtons” or “wellies” after the Duke of Wellington who had a shoemaker design a pair made of calfskin in the early 19th century, rain boots are an essential shoeHunter rain boots in particular, are one of the best pairs to own.

It may seem odd to be refer to rubber boots as a “timeless” style, but that is exactly my point.  These boots are (water) proof, and will last you a timeless amount of years.

Another thing I’ve noticed, is rain boots will not only keep your feet dry, but also elongate your leg when paired with a dress, jeans, or skirt.  Take a cue from style icon Kate Moss, and you can’t go wrong.


Xx. Jadan