Angel Wings Take Flight From Jason of Beverly Hills

You’ve probably seen these beautiful Angel Rings and Necklaces worn by everyone from Rihanna, Sharon Osborne, and Katy Perry.  They’re a stunning touch of  jewelry heaven.  The holidays seemed the perfect time to showcase them and take flight in the famed celebrity jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, Angel Wings Collection.  The diamond masterpieces are often described as “lavish, over-the-top, and visually stunning”.  With an international reputation, Jason has gained positive notoriety for creating one-of-a-kind pieces for the Hollywood elite and for setting trends in movies, music and sports.  Clients can even share their vision and design their own jewelry.

You know me. I also feel compelled to share the back story on this post.  I originally spotted the ring on Sharon Osborne during one of her America’s Got Talent appearances.  Since it is one of the most glamorous cocktail rings around, and very Astrid-style, I wondered who was the designer.  As it turns out, I was speaking to Jason about something else and he clued us in on this collection.  I’ve been to his amazing showroom in Beverly Hills and suddenly just put 2 + 2 together when Jason personally let us know about the the entire line, including wings for men.  Now available at The Cosmopolitan in Vegas as well as his Beverly Hills showroom. If you are partying in Vegas, check it out or  call 310-777-7551 for an appointment at the Jason of Beverly Hills  showroom. The price of the ladies ring is $6950, the ladies pendant is $5895, and the mens pendant is $12,000. Jason is offering readers of The Blonde & The Brunette  a 10% discount . Just tell them in Vegas or call the showroom , if you want to purchase an item.   Tell them The Blonde & The Brunette sent you.  Frankly, it makes my heart flutter.

– NJ, The Brunette