It’s Here! Astrid Bryan for ZEB Summer 2014

astridzeb_1_022614 astridzeb_2_022614

I am so proud to introduce my new spring-summer 2014 collection for ZEB. Of course, the collection is very much inspired by the LA lifestyle I adore. No need to say that the collection features lots of sun, palm trees, and stars and stripes; of course, it does!

This season I went with lots of  blue and grey denim, since this summer, denim skirts, jackets and shorts are trending. The collection also features two of my absolute favorite go-to pastel colors, pink and turquoise, which are also so on trend right now in LA.

astridzeb_3_022614 astridzeb_4_022614

The message I wanted to send out by designing this collection is how wonderful summer is wherever you are and especially in LA. Who doesn’t love and wait almost all year for those warm day and nights. You know,  that oh-so special, happy, summer holiday feeling we all get. All the designs are meant to make you feel as if you are enjoying a beach vacation under the clear blue sky and palm trees. It will make you smile just wearing one of the looks. ☺ The whole collection is available online and in every ZEB store.

After all, who literally doesn’t want a piece of LA and summer all year long?

-Astrid Bryan