Astrid in Wonderland, NJ, The Brunette and The Balmain Jacket

In case you are lucky enough to see tonight’s episode of Astrid in Wonderland, it’s quite an episode.  To celebrate Astrid’s birthday everyone’s gathered at NJ’s house in the Hollywood Hills, including Astrid, Kathryn and NJ, along with John, Evan and Mark.  It starts out quietly and then things get interesting.  A giant cupcake, dolphin noises and then the big reveal: a vintage Balmain crystal-embellished Sergent Pepper jacket, a real one, makes a surprise appearance after Astrid eventually convinces NJ, The Brunette, to pull it out of her closet (and NJ never lets anyone in her closet).  If you see it, tell us what you think of the episode; and by the way, NJ snagged the jacket years ago at Neiman Marcus with her points!!!  Maybe Astrid can convince NJ to actually wear it!


The Blonde & The Brunette Team