B&B Welcomes Julie Schott

The Blonde & The Brunette welcome our newest Guest Contributor. Based in New York City, Julie Schott (the brunette on the right), is a writer for one of New York City’s leading beauty and fashion PR agencies; Julie has penned everything from press releases and monthly magazine columns to concert scripts and commercials.  While studying for her B.F.A. in writing at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, she wrote for the beauty blog at SELF and the blog at Teen Vogue, where she covered backstage beauty at New York Fashion Week, as well as conducted celebrity and insider interviews.  Brooklynfluff, her personal fashion blog, has served as an outlet for creative writing and word play since 2008.  A collection of headlines and haiku poems dedicated to sartorial splurges and inspirations, Brooklynfluff. has developed a loyal following and has collaborated with Shopbop.com and Dr. Perricone on several reader giveaways and promotions.

As much as she is die-hard beauty and fashion junkie, Julie is just as passionate about 90s rap and even lived next door to Biggie’s childhood home.  Sounds perfect for the B&B, right? Better yet, we recently saw the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit together.  That sealed the deal.  We were the last two stragglers to leave.  The guards kicked us out because the the entire museum was closing for the night.  You get it.  She’s got that passion for fashion. Welcome, Julie.

– NJ, The Brunette