Beautiful Skin Advice From Celebrity Make-Up Artist Gina Brooke’s Intraceuticals Brunch


When you live in Beverly Hills like we do, sometimes you get very exclusive access to very exclusive celeb beauty secrets. Here goes. Ever wonder why celebs look so great in photo shoots (and by the way it’s not just the retouching)? Well, so did we.  I found out the answer when my friend and celebrity make-up artist Gina Brooke (who does everyone’s make-up from Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry to Naomi Campbell) recently invited me to the very intimate and exclusive Intraceuticals brunch at Soho House. I quickly accepted because I trust Gina to tell the truth as do her clients.

After indulging on pancakes & gossip I can’t repeat, Gina opened up about how she works her magic on making her celebrity clients look great on and off the camera (because even celebs worry about how they look like the rest of us — maybe more)!  The answer is, almost every makeup artist in Hollywood, New York, Paris and Milan preps a celebs skin with Intraceuticals three-step process (and yes, gives them strict orders to maintain the regime at home.) Gina saw I was skeptical. I gave her that , “yeah, right!” look. But, she knows her stuff.


Gina explained, “You need to set your makeup with hydration. So at least an hour before the start of a shoot I start the process. It all revolves around three words. Revive. Replenish. Protect. ” By the way, when she told Naomi Campbell during their first shoot together that Intraceuticals would make her skin look incredible Naomi said, “We’ll see about that!.” See Naomi’s unsolicited thank you above along with Mileys, Fergie’s and Madonna’s.

So how does it work? The Australian brand,  known world-wide for it’s professional skin-oxygen treatments,  did a massive amount of skincare research and work to invent an uncomplicated three-step process that adds hydration and then locks it all.


So what did we do next? Test it on the spot.  If you see my photo below with Gina and her fellow celebrity make-up artist, Amy Oresman, I swear my skin looks younger and much more hydrated. I’ve been on the regime for two weeks now and everywhere I’ve been going around LA  everyone has been telling me, my skin looks great and I even look younger. I’ll take the kudos. They’ve also got great cleansing and eye gel products as perfect add-ons to the system.


I particularly love the travel pack. I’m always living out a suitcase and this way I have skincare to go that’s easy to pack.


Each Intraceuticals Rehydration Travel pack contains a compact-size cleanser, hydration gel and moisturiser in a handbag friendly, plastic zip-case. Perfect for those who are heading overseas, the bottles meet with international flight carry-on guidelines so you can maintain your skin regime and look great at all times. If you’re travel weary or always in a hurry, you can carry a portable version of the Atoxelene Daily Serum and apply often for fresher, smoother-looking skin.

I also thought you might like to see one of their before and after un-retouched test results. The latest research results also reinforces that women would rather look younger than thinner. How would you answer that? Younger.


If you still need a bit of convincing,  since I’m not great with all the technical details,  we’ve got their video explain how these magic products work.



Finally, here’s a little of the behind the scenes fun from the beautiful flowers to all of us hamming it up with the new Hollywood power pose. I swear my skin looks better.




-NJ Goldston, The Brunette