Beauty Trend: Ombre Lips

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There’s a new lip trend and you know The Blonde and the Brunette, we have to share. Well listen up, then.  It’s about to hit the beauty scene in a big way: ombre lips. As our resident beauty guru, I actually already do the ombre lip thing!  Of course I do. I put on my normal lip color first, then I run a plummy lip color near the inside of my lips, like in the last picture. However, I make the effect much more subtle by rubbing my lips together for a gradual dark-to-light look. I like it because it makes my teeth look insanely white without me having to wear a full plum lip.

For inspiration, we gathered pics of the new ombre lip appliques from the brand Violent Lips, which designs all kinds of flashy, over-the-top lip looks (think leopard print, or American-flag patterned) so you could see for yourself how daring and sexy this look can be. The color starts off dark at the outer edges of the lips and fades to pale in the center? It reminds me of the way some girls like to wear dark lip liner with lighter lipstick–I guess they were way ahead of the whole ombre thing! And if you fall in love with this, we have a two more  links  for more ombre nails and/or ombre hair of the moment  inspiration or you can read more at

-Kathryn, The Blonde