Because The Bucket Bag Is Here To Stay!


Fall, can you believe it’s almost here?! The Summer is slowly winding down (although this heat wave would say otherwise.) and we are sorting through our closets. What’s going to make the cut for the next season. Well one thing we are obsessing over and have to keep wearing, is the trendy Bucket Bag! We know you’ve heard it before, but the bucket bag is a major thing, and it’s here to stay!


Reason #1: It’s got classic staying power. The style has been around for decades. In fact, I just recently found my moms classic old Louis Vuitton bucket that she used as my diaper bag growing up! (I might need to “borrow” it) ha ha! The real resurgence of buckets though, didn’t seem to explode until Mansur Gavriel released their ultra lux collection of minimal, constantly sold out structured bucket bags (and try and spot at least two of them above) this past spring. Their explosion quickly ushered them back onto runways & into fashionistas closets everywhere.


Reason #2: They’re soooo functional.  The bags are lightweight, roomy, just structured enough and extremely versatile. Not to mention, they are incredibly convenient.


Reason #3: They’re season-less. They work for summer and transition beautifully into Fall perfectly.


Reason #4: It makes a statement. The bucket bag has such a universally appealing shape and works with anything. Anything.Suddenly you look pulled together even doing the most mundane errand.


Reason #5: It’s style agnostic. Yup. No matter your look from biker or bohemian, to casual or mod, there really is a bucket bag for every taste, income and ensemble.


The moral of our fashion story? The bucket bag is an absolute essential for any girl who spends her days on the go! Roomy enough to toss in everything but the kitchen sink, yet still chic and stylish! If you can’t seem to get your hands on a mini-Mansur, you can shop our other all time favorite buckets below. It’s official. You need a bucket!

Xx. Jadan Huter